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50X60cm Golden Veil Dark Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art

50X60cm Golden Veil Dark Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art

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"Golden Veil" is an evocative piece that marries abstraction with figuration, capturing the raw essence of femininity. The background is a harmonious blend of vertical shades, ranging from the warmth of yellow and beige to the cool tones of cyan and green. This serene backdrop sets the stage for the striking silhouette of a woman, outlined in bold black. Poised gracefully, her figure exudes confidence and allure. Yet, what truly captivates is the thick dash of gold paint, both concealing and highlighting her form, acting as a veil of honor and strength. Encased in a dark wood frame, the artwork is a testament to the beauty of contrasts — between colors, between the seen and the unseen, and between vulnerability and power. Crafted with a blend of hand-painted and printed techniques, "Golden Veil" beckons viewers to delve deeper and appreciate the complexities of the female form.

Size: 50X60cm
Depth (thickness) (cm): 3.7cm
Frame colour: Dark Wood
Materials used: acrylic, canvas ,fir wood, polystyrene frame
Finish: 50% Hand painted + print
Hanging inclusions: Hooks included and pre-installed.
Assembly: Not required
Product weight (kg): 1.2
Package dimensions (cm): 63.5x5x54
Package weight (kg): 1.7

Frame Details
Stretched and gallery wrapped around a wooden stretcher and finished with a floating frame. There is a gap between the frame and print, which creates the floating effect and literally makes the canvas print stand out even more.

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